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Hydrogen Production

Hydrogen is the simplest element on Earth and also the most plentiful gas in the universe. Each atom of hydrogen has only one proton.

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Hydrogen Usage and Consumption 

Hydrogen Production

Hydrogen Storage, Transportation



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​HIDERG anticipates the School's potential as a low-carbon energy carrier and funds major goals that deliver the highest return and have a sustainable use on the economy and society. Hiderg Energy is an accelerator of the energy transition. By offering grid-friendly and stable decarbonized electricity solutions. 100% renewable energy grids are now possible.


Power generation today is driven by a critical need to reduce CO2 emissions and dependence on fossil fuels, while answering the fast-growing energy demand.

Solar and wind power come as efficient and competitive alternatives. However, their intermittent and non-dispatchable nature prevents their full integration into the grids.

Hiderg Energy’s power plants deliver firm stable and guaranteed electricity to grids and micro-grid operators.

Natural gas industry

Natural gas pipelines are sometimes used to transport hydrogen, but it is not without challenges. Many pipelines would need to be upgraded for hydrogen transport. The natural gas industry and its infrastructure could pose a roadblock to green hydrogen adoption for countries that intend to be carbon neutral


Hydrogen can be used as a hydrogen fuel for fuel cells or internal combustion engines. Hydrogen vehicles are not limited to automobiles, with trucks also being designed to run on green hydrogen.

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